The company was opened in 1982, under the name of "Intreprinderea de Aparataj Electric pentru Instalatii", under the trust of "Electroaparataj". 

The main competence of the factory is from its very beginning the full package and integrated manufacturing of equipments and apparatus for the distribution of low voltage electricity, from design to certification and production to logistics and distribution.

It has become a privately owned company in 1996 and changed name to SC Insta Electric SA.

The company has produced and distributed since its opening only certified products (TUV, VDE, NEMKO, SEMKO, NF, BS etc).

The company is integrated by traditional contracts in a fully operational network of partners (Romanian, Swiss, EU members and Asian) that ensures supplying of row materials, auxiliaries and service as well as the logistic and distribution and thus is able to answer to any customer request.

Starting with November 2010 S.C. Insta Electric S.A. was undertaken by the Swiss group ELBET Holding AG , becoming member of a corporation with tradition and decades of experience in design, production and distribution of low voltage electric materials and installations along with: Max Hauri AG, DISA Elektro AG and AWAG Electrotechnik AG.

Starting with February 2011 Insta Electric SA has become a member of Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania (CCE-R).

Harnessing solar energy

Project successfully completed

We are very proud to inform you that we could complete our project "Harnessing solar energy".

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General News

We are looking for talents

Are you looking for a new challenge?
We are looking for:

  • Technical Customer Service / Project Manager
  • Junior Buyer

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Product News

New hipe color cables

Now it's getting really colorful! Convince yourself of the colored cables with textile jacket. 

New hipe color cables